RentMotors® is one of the largest car rental networks

RentMotors® is a well-known Russian brand that has been providing car rental services since 2004. Currently, about 40 rental stations operate in Russia at the largest airports in the country from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. Since 2016, the company began moving towards the development of an international direction and today its clients can also use the services in Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Albania.

Today RentMotors® is the most profitable car rental franchise. We are open for cooperation and ready to provide new partners with technologies and methods for successful business in the car rental market in Russia and abroad.

Advantages of RentMotors® Franchise

  1. General car rental website and mobile app.
    Quick integration of the new franchisee into the booking system. You receive orders under the RentMotors brand in the first week. Registration of a local domain when opening rental stations outside of Russia. The mobile app is available for Android and IOS.
  2. Training and consulting at all stages of the business.
    We provide corporate training for personnel on working with clients, negotiating with partners, controlling the fleet, managing sales and achieving business goals.
  3. CRM system from RentMotors
    RentMotors CRM is its own IT-development for fleet control, personnel work, order management, contracts, loyalty program and much more.
  4. Cars to start the franchisee business
    Leasing for a partner on favorable terms. Corporate discounts for franchisees on new cars.
  5. Quick start of orders across all booking channels and a steady increase in customers. We will launch sales on the websites of all well-known brokers, as well as ensure the flow of corporate clients.
  6. Own monitoring system integrated into CRM. Full functional control of the car park.

If you want to open your business under the RentMotors® brand

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